Watch out, fall out boy: paramore are plotting pranks for monumentour

Paramore and Fall Out Boy are hitting the road this summer for the co-headlining Monumentour and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams couldn’t be more pumped.

“I think it’s literally the perfect lineup. I’m psyched for it. … There could be pranks, I’m not sure, but I’m just psyched for all of it, we all are, we’re ready to make it happen,” she told MTV News before hitting the stage at DIRECTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl on Saturday. “It almost happened once before, that’s a little secret I’ll let you in on. And it didn’t, like, the timing just didn’t work out or anything, so this is, now it’s right.”

But before the trio can start plotting how to cellophane FOB’s toilet seats and deciding on whether Pete Wentz or Patrick Stump will be the first to wake up with Sharpie artwork on their face, Paramore wants to concentrate on exactly what their show will look and sound like. And while they say they haven’t given their set much thought yet, they plan on making it bigger and better than ever before.

“I mean we literally just wrapped up our Self-Titled Tour, kind of around the world,” Hayley said. “We went a lot of different places and played and it was the longest set we ever played, it was like the biggest production, so I think now it’s just like, let’s do even better.”

In the meantime, Paramore is still basking in the excitement of this union finally happening. Seeing that both groups “come from the same world,” they think their fan armies are in for the ultimate treat.

“There’s a whole underground scene that lives and breathes and it’s still happening right now and our bands both really came up from that,” Hayley exclaimed. “So it’s amazing to sort of be able to put something together that sort of celebrates that so, celebrates both of our fanbases because they’ve been asking for this tour for a long time.”