Watch liza koshy & jay versace do the elf spaghetti challenge

Remember that unforgettable scene in Elf where Buddy makes a delicious plate of spaghetti for breakfast? There’s something about pasta covered in maple syrup, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, M&Ms and Pop-tarts that really sticks with you. So, in the name of spreading holiday cheer, Liza Koshy and Jay Versace decided to put their taste buds to the test by recreating Buddy’s special spaghetti recipe. Since they have such big personalities, it wound up turning into a contest of who could fit the most food in their mouths. (Liza got really creative and turned her meal into a breakfast sandwich!) No doubt they both experienced a sugar rush that should keep them going well into the New Year. Watch the comedians catch up and chow down in the video, below.