Watch jimmy fallon take jared leto’s beard ‘down a notch’

If you haven’t been keeping up with Jared Leto since the Academy Awards, one thing has changed: the hair on his face. While Jared has experimented with some interesting facial hair since he took home a golden statuette in March, he’s been letting his beard run wild on his face.

Last night, Jared was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and he allowed Jimmy to trim his beard. You know, the same one he’s been growing for six months? Jimmy is very well equipped for beard-trimming up on the stage—he has a cape and different size clippers—and makes sure things are fairly even when he’s finished. If this whole hosting thing doesn’t work out, a future in the hair industry looks promising, TBH.

Jared seems totally comfortable throughout the entire process, giving double thumbs up, and even moving his face against the razor, instead of vice-versa. Between the way Justin Bieber applies shaving cream and this face movement, there seems to be a lot about men’s grooming habits that I know nothing about.

Watch the beard trimming sesh below and then help me figure out where all the hair went, please.