Watch ed sheeran get a tattoo like a champ and pretend it doesn’t hurt

Ed Sheeran is running out of real estate. Not the LEGO house or the Craftsman kind — he recently bought his own place in London, which mean he may finally put an end to that spree of couch-crashing.

He’s running out of dermatological space for his growing tattoo collection. He’s got hundreds of tattoos, from cats to flowers to a Heinz ketchup logo and a Matisse tattoo in honor of his mum. (Swoon city!) Oh, and, ::shameless plug:: if you’re curious about what all of Ed’s tattoos mean, you can check out our interactive Ed Sheeran tattoo map.

But a lack of virgin skin isn’t keeping him from adding to his personal collection. That saying about tattoos being addictive is obviously true in Ed’s case, since he let the cameras roll during his “Nine Days And Nights of Ed Sheeran” documentary when he had celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul (who’s also inked up Harry Styles) add some fresh ink to his arm.

Kevin’s needle buzzes away while Ed plays a few demos and takes the pain like a pro, stopping to flinch, breaking the fourth wall, and uttering one of the realest lines of the documentary: “You can just edit this and make me look like a badass, right?”

Right. Er… Okay, we didn’t, but only because he looked so earnestly adorable asking.

Watch Ed Sheeran get tatted during his “Nine Days And Nights Of Ed Sheeran” documentary:

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