Watch ed sheeran and kermit the frog make a ‘rainbow connection’ to our souls

Brace yourselves for one ribbiting performance, everyone, because last night (May 21) Ed Sheeran got some adorable vocal support from someone across an entirely different kind of pond: Kermit the Frog.

Mmmhmm, that’s right. During NBC’s Red Nose Day fundraiser, the British soloist performed a duet with our favorite puppet pal — because NO ONE turns down the chance to belt it out with the little green man. Especially not when you get to sing a soulful salute to “Sesame Street” by way of “The Rainbow Connection.”

But before the inevitable Ed Sheeran/”Muppets 3″ rumor mill starts swirling out of control, let’s just sit back and ponder the completely legitimate existential questions raised by the lyrics here: Do rainbows really have nothing to hide? Well, we totally choose to believe it.

All the happy claps. [Clicks repeat.]