Was eli’s reaction to clare’s visit way over the top or totally justified?

Eli (Ep.1410)

Clare just found out that the love of her life, Eli Goldsworthy, is the true father of her baby and she can’t even tell him because, well, he won’t listen to a word she has to say. Talk about a buzz kill. We were so excited for e-clare to get back together but it looks like there’s a chance they might not.

After having Drew freak out on her for mistaking him as the father and not telling him after finding out he wasn’t , Clare asked Alli to come with her to the Dot where Eli works. Clare didn’t want Eli hearing news that he was actually the father from anyone but herself. Unfortunately, when Clare confronted Eli at the Dot, he responded by saying possibly the meanest things we’ve ever heard Eli say.

When Clare told Eli she had something to tell him that could fix everything he responded by asking, ‘How stupid are you?’ Clare couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Eli went on to explain, ‘you can’t fix things between us because there is no ‘us.”

Throughout their brief conversation we learned how Eli blames Clare for everything. He blames her for ruining their future together and all that they’ve been to each other just ‘so [she] could jump into bed with Drew Torres.’ And it gets worse… When Clare began to cry, Eli laughed and explained that he didn’t expect tears from such a ‘whore.’

Clare (Ep.1410)

Like I said, the meanest things we’ve ever heard Eli say.

So tell us—Do you think Eli was way over the top with his reaction to Clare’s visit or is he totally justified in this situation since after all, he still believes Clare is expecting Drew’s baby and not his. Sound off in the comments and keep watching all-new episodes of ‘Degrassi’ Tuesday nights on MTV to find out what happens to e-clare!

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