Was drew right to worry about becky and jonah?

Jonah (Ep.1408)

On tonight’s episode of ‘DegrassiJonah was about to tell Becky something related to an earlier discussion about their feelings but just as Jonah was about to speak, Drew stepped in to shake his hand and give his blessing…

When Drew learned about Becky and Jonah writing actual music together rather than just practicing covers, he made the assumption that Jonah wasn’t only interested in Becky as a band mate. Becky tried to laugh off the idea of Jonah having romantic feelings for her but she couldn’t help feeling awkward during their next band practice.

Drew (Ep.1408)

When Becky tried to make excuses to get out of practice early, Jonah wasn’t buying it and before she knew it, Becky was blurting out, ‘I have a boyfriend,’ to which Jonah replied, ‘Good to know. I have a house plant.’ Becky confessed that she was worried about Jonah wanting to get ‘fresh’ with her, but then Jonah explained his commitment to God and told her getting fresh was the last thing on his mind.

Following her awkward conversation with Jonah, Becky convinced a jealous Drew that he had nothing to worry about and invited him to Prodigal Spoon’s first live show at the Dot that night. Once Drew saw how good Becky and Jonah were together as a band he realized he had nothing to worry about (or did he). Just as Jonah was about to share something with Becky related to the conversation they had earlier that day, Drew stepped in to shake his hand and promised not to get jealous over Becky and Jonah playing in a band together.

Becky and Jonah hug (Ep.1408)

It’s pretty cute that Drew was jealous and super cool that he was able to get over it so quickly and support his girlfriend but what does this mean for Becky and Jonah? Will they have a future together that amounts to more than just music or is Prodigal Spoon where their relationship begins and ends? Tells us what you think in the comments below!

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