Was clare wrong to call drew out in front of everyone?


On tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi,’ Clare made it pretty clear that she was putting Clew on the chopping block for good. After doing ‘the thing’ with Drew in the prop room at Wild Wild West Night, he immediately pushed her away in fear that he was just a rebound.

Clare was feeling the typical symptoms caused by rejected, but she may have taken the whole revenge thing a bit too far.

On tonight’s episode, Drew made an honest attempt to have a conversation with Clare about everything that happened. Unfortunately for Drew, Clare didn’t care to hear a word he had to say.


Still frustrated by the entire situation, Clare decided to use a lie detector test on Drew at the Degrassi Art Party in hopes she’d have the satisfaction of making him feel her pain. We never actually saw the results of the test, but Clare took her questioning pretty far and based on Drew’s reaction, it’s probably safe to assume the results were inconclusive.

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You’d think Clare had done enough damage by calling Drew out in front of everyone, but it’s obvious she still has some anger issues to work out. Luckily she’s leaving Drew out of it. Well, sort of…


Do you think Clare took things too far with the lie detector test at Degrassi’s Art Party, or is she totally justified in the situation?

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