Wait, did kylie jenner and tyga not break up after all?

On Friday, it seemed the entertainment world only had two interests: Adele’s new 25 album and the reported break-up of Kylie Jenner and Tyga.

While the pair dated for about a year, they apparently split up because of “something Tyga did,” as TMZ originally reported. However, a Snapchat on Kylie’s account posted on Saturday shows what could very well be a message confirming they’re still together.

“Everyone needs to chill,” the text says on the pic, which also shows two people snuggled up next to each other — presumably Kylie and Tyga, though neither has confirmed if they’re officially back together (or broken up, for that matter).

ET suggests it is, in fact, Tyga’s hand in the photo based on “his left hand tattoo and signature gold watch.” If only we could see a little higher on the man’s arm to see whether or not he’s got Kylie’s name inked there — something Tyga may or may not have.

Kylie reportedly partied Friday night at the same restaurant Tyga held his 26th birthday party at the night before, though Kylie did not attend.

It’s all very confusing at this time, though E!, the home channel of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” did report that the two were “on a break,” as an “insider” reportedly said.

And speaking of Kylie: Cosmopolitan points out that filmmaker William Rebein​ has put together a short film that splices together how the online world talks about her, and it’s not particularly pleasant. In fact, it’s pretty ugly. Still, it’s a nice reminder going forward with this story (or any other) that she’s a person, not just a subject to toss harsh words at on the web.