Vinny skinny: baby girls for kimye and channing tatum, new nose for amanda bynes [video]

There’s never any shortage of celebrity news or blogs that cover celebrity life, but the one thing we can offer that no other website can is an anchor who still lives at home with his mother (if she was our mother, we’d never move out, either). This week’s Vinny Skinny features sugar and spice and everything nice. Not only did Channing Tatum’s wife, Jenna, give birth to a baby girl, Kimye finally revealed the sex of their bun in the oven: also a girl! And it wouldn’t be a proper Skinny without a headline mentioning Amanda Bynes. The troubled starlet reportedly followed through with that nose job she’d been thinking tweeting about last week, and said there are even more to come.

‘Manda, it’s time to cool it. Go home to your parents, take a long nap in your childhood bedroom and stop messing with your face. We’re pulling for you here at Remote Control.

Check out the latest Skinny below, and, of course, don’t forget to tune in tonight at 10/9c for a new episode of “The Show with Vinny,” featuring Redfoo and Ciara as the Guadagnino Family’s house guests.