Vinny guadagnino urges zach to ‘control his crazy’ after marathon ‘rivals ii’ meltdown [video]

Zach spent the first few weeks of “Rivals II” atop the “Challenge” totem poll, but last night, the trap door opened up beneath him and his resultant fall from grace was colossal. It could have been his emotional call from home, or it could have been the feeling that Frank had betrayed him because of Johnny’s actions, but something shook him up beyond repair, and after a few concerted meltdowns, he and Trey were ousted from the game upon a Jungle technicality. Zach’s marathon freak out was tough to watch, but in the “Challenge” Screening Room” clip below, Vinny Guadagnino, who understands the ins and outs of anxiety, tries to be empathetic.

“I know a little bit about this,” he says in the clip, citing Zach’s apparent panic attacks. “He definitely went through some anxiety…where his head was spinning out of control…he definitely has to control his crazy somehow.” Laurel Stucky, who can identify with the stress of living in “The Challenge” house, chimes in, and says thinking about what you’re missing back home during the game can be dangerous to your psyche, and Vin adds he can’t even imagine being halfway around the world if and when anxious feelings set in.

“To his defense, I wanted to go home [from “Jersey Shore“], and I was, like, 45 minutes away from home,” he says. “If I was in Thailand, in the middle of nowhere, I can see why he was bugging out a little bit.”

Check out the clip below, and tell us if you can understand why Zach flipped out.