Vinny guadagnino ponders life’s meaning and reveals celeb crush in one fell swoop [video]

It’s a well-known tactic among men to use dogs as chick-magnets, so it’s fitting that this week’s “Dear Vinny” segment, in which the “Show With Vinny” star opens up about which Hollywood beauties he’s got his eye on, is conducted with his pooch, Tita, in tow. Vin spills the beans on his celeb crushes (which we KNOW you’ve been dying to hear about) in the clip below, and you might be surprised to learn that one of them has him scared to ever make his way back to the b-ball court.

“I have a crush on this new chick Skylar Diggins,” the guido-turned-self-help guru admits, spelling out his admiration for the up-and-coming basketball star. “I dig Skylar Diggins…[but] she’ll bust my ass one-on-one.” In the event she or top prospect Mila Kunis never pans out, though, Vin says he’ll happily return to America’s panhandle to ease his woes.

“If I had to pick one place [to live outside of Staten Island], it would probably be Miami,” he says. “Miami has the most beautiful weather, beaches, and I wanna be sitting in the sand, sipping pina coladas while two Colombian girls are walkin’ around me topless and in thongs. Miami is where it’s at.”

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