Vinny guadagnino dishes on his new show, crashes a$ap rocky interview [video]

Time seems to pass by especially quickly along the “Jersey Shore.” The show is closing its curtains for good next Thursday night after six seasons, but if you ask Vinny Guadagnino or MTV correspondent Sway, the 2009 premiere couldn’t have been more than a second ago. The guys bond over one of their first meetings–at the MTV Movie Awards–in a “Big & Best Of 2012” stream clip below, and though these days MTV HQ is like Vin’s second home, there was a time when he was just a wide-eyed, 21-year-old fanboy hoping to catch a glimpse of his favorite stars.

“I’ve been watching you on TV since I’m a little kid,” Vinny tells Sway in the video while reflecting back on his days before fame hit. And though “J-Shore” is nearing the end of its shelf life, Vinny reminds Sway that this isn’t where he and the VJ part ways. “The Show With Vinny,” Sir Guadagnino’s newest project, will hit MTV airwaves soon! Vin says he’s pumped to get to the sincere core of his celeb guests by ditching the contrived studio audience routine and inviting them to enjoy a simple dinner at his house.

“My mom and my uncle don’t even know who [my guests] are,” he says. “They ask anyone to come in for dinner. They treat everyone the same, and I think the celebrity realizes that.”

And just as Vinny and Sway get into the thick of things, “Big Morning Buzz” host Carrie Keagan interrupts to confess her love for Vinny. She’s still got work to do before the day’s end, though, and leaves just as soon as she arrived. “Love to see her walk away,” Vin says, staring at her backside.

“I can’t say that! I work here,” Sway–who seems equally intrigued–responds.

For more of the interview, which includes talk of Vinny’s efforts to “Restore the Shore,” and to see his chance encounter with A$AP Rocky on “RapFix Live,” check out the clips below.