Victim of 1999 shooting involving jennifer lopez, diddy and shyne reportedly speaks out

In 1999, a shooting took place inside of a nightclub where Puff Daddy, Jennifer Lopez and Shyne had been partying. The incident led to a 10-year prison sentence for Diddy’s then protege. One of the victims that evening was Natania Reuben, who was shot in the face.

On Saturday (December 27), exactly fifteen years after the incident took place, an Instagram user named @ms_ebonay said that she is Reuben and that the effects of that night still resonate with her.

“I am the woman who was shot in the face, the most seriously injured person,” she said in a post on Instagram as reported by XXL. “I have suffered a great deal of physical and emotional pain behind this foolish display of ego and insecurity.”

The comment was in response to UpNorthTrip’s post that featured this Daily News cover.

More of the commentary from this exchange is below.

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As reported by MTV News in 2011, Diddy, who was acquitted of all charges related to the case, settled with the three victims of the 1999 club shooting. According to those reports, Reuben was paid $1.8 million.

Fifteen years later, if this user really is the shooting victim, her perspective adds yet another layer to one of rap’s most infamous nights.