‘veronica mars’ stars haven’t lost that loving feeling

Three seasons, a movie and a book series? “Veronica Mars” has it pretty good.

Thanks to a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than $5.7 million toward a big-screen adaptation of the UPN/CW series, the Rob Thomas-directed film began production last month.

The cast, including Kristen Bell, Chris Lowell and Tina Majorino, took a break from set to promote their movie and debut footage at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. The enthusiasm of the stars, including Jason Dohring and Percy Daggs III, was palpable.

“I didn’t know what he was going to be up to or what Rob was going to put, but what he made him do was way beyond what I would think,” Dohring said of his character, Logan Echolls. “When do you ever get a chance to open up a script seven years later and read a fantastic script with the guys you love, with Veronica? You start feeling the emotions all over again. Nobody gets that chance, you know what I mean? And it was done by the fans and for the fans.”

As for what Logan has been up to in the interim, well, if you can believe it (given his troubled past and all) Dohring hints that even more upheaval has taken place in Logan’s life.

“He’ll be pretty different,” Dohring said. “He had a life-changing experience between when the show ended and when the movie begins, so it’s all funneling through the movie.”

For Daggs, who plays Wallace Fennel, the film is basically a big love letter to the viewers who got them there in the first place.

“I hope first and foremost that the fans love it,” Daggs said. “I hope that they get what they want. I hope to see Rob Thomas’ success shoot through the roof. I want to read the books. I probably don’t read enough.”

Yet, when Dohring crashed Daggs’ interview, he was quick to add that reuniting with the cast (and Dohring specifically) was one of the biggest treats he could receive.

“This is a great guy,” Daggs said of Dohring. “I’m so happy to be working with you again … Some of my most enjoyable episodes were the two episodes where we just shot together the entire time. He’s a fun guy.”