Tyler’s “buckwild” fling with katie sends cara into her ex-girlfriend’s arms [sneak peek]

When a pint of ice cream isn’t enough to help a gal get over her country boy fling, she might as well turn to her… ex-girlfriend? Yup, Cara throws her Sissonville pals quite a curve ball in this sneak peek of Thursday night’s all-new “BUCKWILD” episodes. When her former female flame comes to town and tells the crew that she believes Cara’s her soulmate, the normally infallible Shain is shocked.

Cara’s big bisexual reveal comes after what Tyler sees as her interfering in his budding romance with Katie. “Cara’s always ruining it for me,” he says, tired of her moment-killing pranks. “That s**t’s starting to get old, man.” For Anna, though, there might just be new love on the horizon, as a nighttime kiss in the glow of a bonfire leaves her wanting more. This is starting to feel like a backwoods soap opera!

Check out the clip, and be sure to tune in to two new “BUCKWILD” episodes Thursday night at 10e/p!