Tyler baltierra’s dad is out of prison – just in time for his son’s wedding

Tyler Baltierra’s father Butch has been in and out of jail over the years, and his legal troubles have long been documented on “Teen Mom.” But after serving a lengthy sentence behind bars, the Michigan native is a free man — and Catelynn Lowell’s fiancé took to Instagram to open up about his dad’s impending release.

“At the parole office waiting for my pops to get out,” the “Conquering Chaos” author captioned the selfie above. “It’s been 4 years since I have seen him & words can’t describe how happy I am that he will make it to my wedding! He has missed way too many important days of my life…I’m happy to say that my wedding will NOT be one of those days! #ButchIsFree #PopsIsOut #HappySon.”

Shortly after the duo reunited, Ty added a special snapshot of Butch “all jazzed up” and getting fitted for some formal attire.

“First time ever being in a tux…I gotta tell ya, I really missed having him around,” Tyler added. “It’s good to have him home #ButchIsFree #PopsIsOut.”

Be sure to stay with MTV News for more updates surrounding Cate and Ty’s big day — and share your positive words about Butch’s release in the comments.