Twitter stans have taken over the “ranked meme” to support faves like rihanna and one direction

Seemingly out of nowhere, a new trend nicknamed the “ranked meme” has taken over social media.

Formatted to make it seem like you don’t want to actually rank things, the “ranked meme” is a way for folks to quietly declare their favourite songs, artists, movies and more. Just yesterday, the meme blew up with a mega-viral tweet proclaiming that Mulan is undeniably the best Disney princess.

Like any good meme, it’s quickly been taken over by Twitter stans who are using it to announce which of their faves’ songs and albums they truly like the most. Here’s a highlight from all the biggest fandoms.

One Direction

Every 1D song might slay, but this fan ranks “What A Feeling” highest despite never charting in the U.S.


I’ll say it: “Kiss It Better” deserved better, but at least it’s getting respect with this meme.


Some stan vocabulary in case it’s unclear: “OT7” is a seven-person play on words of “OTP,” which stands for “one true pair.” And everyone’s OT7 should be BTS.

Lady Gaga

I love and support all Gaga songs but I love and support “Bad Romance” a little bit more.

Camila Cabello

Camila stan Rosie just filled all the ranked spots with lyrics from Quavo collab, “OMG.”

Ariana Grande

Ariana’s album Sweetener isn’t even out yet and fans believe that “God Is A Woman” will reign supreme.

Britney Spears

I could never choose a favorite Britney bop. Except I can, and it’s “Lucky.”

Shane Dawson

Even the YouTuber stans have gotten in on the ranked meme, with Shane beating the competition.


Lorde stan Pash totally broke the rules, but I’ll allow it.

The “ranked meme” is wholesome and pure and I definitely rank it at the top of the meme game. Keep at it, Twitter stans.