Truth or dare ‘free-for-all’ challenge lands devyn in deep poo [video]

In the pre-Internet days of Truth or Dare, the worst you could do was embarrass yourself in front of a handful of friends, but in 2014, there’s a whole social media universe ready to laugh at your expense. While filming’s first “Challenge: Free-For-All” after show, Devyn, Jordan and Laurel gave the classic game a go, and when Devyn opted for dare over truth, she set herself up for a prank that stunk to high heaven.

In the video below, Devyn flips over a card that challenges her to repeat anything her (VERY EVIL) cast mates dream up while being filmed on a cell phone…and to then post the clip online. With the devil in their eyes, Laurel and Jordan show no mercy, and instruct Devyn to share with the world wide web that she just recently blew out MTV’s ladies’ room (she hadn’t, for the record). Instead of shying away from the mission at hand, brave Devyn takes a breath, and recites the following:

“Hi, guys, I am Devyn from MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Free Agents’ and I just want you to know that I just took the biggest, smelliest, most satisfying dump in MTV’s bathroom. Clean up on aisle five!”

Check it out:

Wondering whether Jordan really posted the video? Then you don’t know Jordan very well! You bet he did — and without a single shred of context:


Jordan’s followers were reasonably confused (and grossed out) by the tweet, but when the entire “Free-For-All” segment went live after Thursday night’s “Free Agents” episode, the prank finally came to light, and viewers got proof that Devyn (probably) didn’t damage our company’s plumbing irreparably.

Tell us what you think of the stunt, and make sure to tune in for a new episode of “Free Agents” Thursday night at 10e/7p!