‘true life’ update: is francesca still eating soap?

MTV’s “True Life: I Have a Dangerous Eating Obsession” followed two people obsessed with eating household products that aren’t meant for consumption. We had an opportunity to check in with Francesca and Cory to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&As below:


Are you still eating soap? How much per day?
I did try to stop completely for a while, but I came to the realization that soap is a part of me. I don’t really eat it anymore, but I take a few licks each day. I don’t swallow the soap, and I rinse my mouth out afterward. I also switched to eating organic soap. I even started looking into how to make my own soap but haven’t tried that yet.

Are you still trying to quit, or are you planning to continue?
Definitely. I’m okay with it. It’s something that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit.

Are you still dating Cleo? How are things going?
We gave each other some time off, and we recently got back together. We wanted the space because we needed to know if this is what we wanted, and during the break we realized how much we love each other. It’s now better than ever, and he proposed! We are engaged.

How did he do it?
He knows how I feel about going soap shopping, so when I was at his place in Connecticut, we went to a store and bought soap in bulk — he bought me my favorite kind. After that, we went back to his house, and he dared me to open every box and smell them — and I did! The last soap box felt a little empty and when I opened it, there was a little soap box with a ring. And he asked me to marry him. We’re not planning an official wedding yet. I think we’ll get married in the next two years. And I want to have 10,000 babies!

Has Cleo been helping you deal with your soap eating?
Cleo is happy with me as I am. He doesn’t feel like there’s anything wrong with me — he just thinks I’m a little weird and it’s just my flow. He is worried about my health, and he doesn’t want me to get hurt. But he’s been helping me look into healthier options.

Do you feel better or worse physically now that you’ve cut back on/quit eating soap?
Honestly, I do feel better physically. My bladder feels better, and I can run for a long time without feeling like I’m going to pass out. I do think that’s because of me not eating soap. I feel happier.

Have you seen a medical doctor regarding the soap since we filmed with you
No, and I’m not really worried about it.

Have you had any other major life changes/events come up (e.g. a new apartment, job, etc.)?
Besides getting engaged to Cleo, I also moved apartments. I’m living with Dagmar now. Oh, and I dyed my hair blue!



Have you had any glue sticks since your mom took them away?
I have not. I’ve been trying to start a wig-making business, and that keeps my hands busy, which has been helping me take my mind off of the glue sticks.

Do you feel better, or has it gotten worse since you stopped/cut down on eating the glue sticks?
I feel a lot better. Every now and then, I get a little pain, but it’s nothing compared to before.

In your episode, you visited a doctor who asked you to return for more tests. Did you ever return for a followup visit?
I’ve spoken with them, but I ended up not going back for a followup because I had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life at the time.

Have you gone back to the therapist to talk more about the underlying issues of why you started eating glue?
I haven’t talked to the therapist. My emotions have been much better since then, and handling them has been easier. I have been thinking about going to see him again recently, though, to deal with some new issues.

How are things with you and Zach?
Things are good. We have our ups and downs like any other relationship. He’s up for a promotion at work, which is really exciting, so hopefully he gets that!

How has your mom been doing since her surgery?
My mom has been great since her surgery. It was tough for her at first, but she is feeling a lot better now.

When we were shooting your episode, you told us that you are a transgender woman. Have you made any new changes in your transition?
I’m still moving forward with it. I have some more paperwork I need to get together. I’m finally starting to understand what it’s like to go through a transition to be someone else. It’s difficult and I’m going through the motions, but it’s not moving very fast and I’m okay with that.