Trey gets a jump start on clowning his ‘rival,’ tweets pic of zach with his pants down

The “Rivals II” fireworks are prepped to explode on July 10, but who doesn’t love a little preview? Zach and Trey, whose mutual loathing once amounted to a two-way Twitter-block, have declared virtual warfare in the weeks leading up to the “Challenge” premiere, and Trey’s first strike comes in the form of a crappy sneak attack. A Happy Tuesday to you and yours!

“My rival just doesn’t give a s**t. #Literally,” Trey tweeted with the photo above. But how, you may ask, did he secure bathroom access while Zach was dropping a deuce? Well, it appears Trey wasn’t on a solo mission, and was actually in cahoots with Zach’s new GF, Ashlee of “Real World: New Orleans.” “I have an accomplice ::cough cough:: @AshleeFeldman,” he later explained. Guess all is fair in love and war — especially when your girl is known for pranking on her radio show. Zach better start sleeping with one eye open.

Despite being caught with his pants down, the “BOTS” champ has no intention of going down without a fight. “Game on!” he wrote in response to Trey’s barrage. Let’s keep it clean, gentlemen!