Tonight’s ‘ridiculousness,’ ‘fantasy factory’ and ‘jerks’ will be a treat for all five senses

Sight and sound are a given with any TV-watching experience, but tonight, MTV won’t leave a single sense unaddressed. On the three-piece tour de force of ”Ridiculousness,” “Jerks With Cameras” and “Fantasy Factory,” we’re offering up the funniest stuff we’ve got…with a cherry (or, better yet, some chocolate chip cookie sauce) on top.

First, on “Ridiculousness,” two of The Dudesons stop by the set, and in honor of one of their popular stunts, which involves hot sauce and an exposed backside, they help Rob weigh in on a “Fire in the Hole” reel. Fireworks, melted candle wax and lots and lots of gravel all wind up plaguing innocent folks’ rears, and you can actually feel the pain they’re suffering. Not enough Band-Aids in the world…

Then, on “Fantasy Factory,” Big Black turns to Drama and Big Cat — who are self-professed junk food aficionados — for advice on how to make a uniquely satisfying dish that consists entirely of…crap. Gummy Worms, noodles and taco shells are all on the menu, friends, so you better have your bib tightly tucked into your shirt, because it’s going to be a feast to remember. TASTE THE “FF” RAINBOW!

Finally, on “Jerks,” Susane Lee executes a seemingly basic but incredibly effective prank: approaching people with headphones still strapped on and shouting inane questions at them. Understandably, no one wants to give her directions to the Metro, nobody’s keen on discussing the weather and a “Where’s the park?!” shriek elicits a “What’s wrong with you, lady?” from a shocked passerby. Time to turn down the volume, Su.

Check out the sneaks, and watch it all go down tonight — beginning at 10/e7p — on MTV!