To win ‘rivals ii,’ wes and ct must dine on maggots and dried squid. Tasty! [sneak peek]

CT and Wes proved they’ve got the brains to hang tough in the final “Rivals II” mission, but do they have the stomachs? On the show’s final episode, Team Grey will hit quite the roadblock when they’re forced to scarf down a buffet only the “Dawn of the Dead” zombies could appreciate, but rather than tiptoe into the disgusting meal, both guys go whole hog on the delicacies in the sneak peek below. Their first course? A plate full of spicy chili peppers. And…go!

“It’s gonna be the worst room of all,” Wes says as he sizes up the specials of the day, which include pickled fish soup, squid jerky and an assortment of bugs. The guys immediately start swallowing the chilis like they were Flintstones vitamins, but soon, the burn sets in and the acid-coughs erupt. “Everything is on fire,” Wes says, who suddenly finds himself with a serious case of the sweats. At least they have pickled fish soup to wash it down, right?

Check out the clip, and be sure to watch the “Rivals II” finale on Wednesday at 10e/7p, followed by the LIVE reunion at 11e/8p!