To swipe or not to swipe? The 5 most memorable ‘virgin territory’ tales

On the show’s first season, the friend zone, fear and self-doubt played huge roles in young people who filmed their explorations of their own sexual identities. Some were looking to enter into physical relationships, while others were happy to keep their chastity belts fastened — but none were the same at the end of production.

More than a dozen teens and twentysomethings bravely shared their stories, and after tonight’s finale, we’re looking back at five that really stuck with us. Take a look at which guys and gals kept us glued to our screens, and share your thoughts on the season!


Having watched the women in her family struggle through young pregnancies, Dominique made a vow not to lose her virginity until she met the man she was sure she’d marry. As she aptly put it, “no ringy, no dingy,” and she ultimately stayed true to the mantra — even though it caused some tension between her and her family members, who though she was being too picky with dates.


It’s not that consummate nice guy Kyle didn’t want to lose his virginity — it’s that he couldn’t seem to close the deal. And when he came clean to his pals about his unswiped V-card, they vowed to help him use it. Kyle struck out at bars and clubs but eventually had sex with his good friend Amanda. Still, he was ripped up emotionally when he realized their affair didn’t have the potential to evolve into a relationship, and tearfully rejected her.


Luke, who grew up in an intensely Christian household and attended the uber-strict Liberty University, constantly struggled with temptation. He had a reputation around campus of being a player, but that all changed when he met Madalynn. When the cameras stopped rolling, he was still as chaste as ever with the woman he intended to marry. But shockingly, in a catch-up interview, Luke revealed that he’d lost his virginity to someone who was not Madalynn — while he was still Madalynn’s boyfriend. “I’ve never in my life thought that I would hurt someone that bad,” he said.


Terrified of rejection, Alec, a young gay college student, decided to finally come out to his friends and family (in truly unique fashion) on “Virgin Territory.” Even though those close to him were totally supportive, he still struggled to find his footing in the gay community — that is, until he met Corey through an online dating site. Corey was Alec’s first same-sex kiss, but Alec said he’s still holding onto his V-card for a little while longer.



Emily, a sharp New Hampshire girl, was born with a condition called “septate hymen,” a vaginal block which physically prevented her from having sex. Not long before filming began, Emily underwent corrective surgery, but she was still mentally and emotionally unready to do the deed with her boyfriend Jesse. After some exploratory therapy and self-reflection, Emily finally worked up the nerve to go all the way, and the moment turned out to be so special and personal, she decided to stop filming the show so that she could keep the experience to herself.