This reporter shut down sexist hecklers on live tv and it was glorious

If you’re a human being living on this planet in 2015, consuming Internet culture for better or worse, you’ve probably come across the “f–k her right in the pu—” video that went viral in 2014.

It’s just one example of how misogyny pollutes the Internet. The video finds its awful place among other instances of online sexism, like the 2014 celeb nude photo hack, Gamergate or the comments section of seemingly anything ever written by a woman. But one woman is boldly — and bravely — changing all of that.

Shauna Hunt is a reporter for Canada’s CityNews and she has just revealed herself as a bold force against sexism. While covering a soccer game in Toronto, Hunt was confronted by a gaggle of unruly folk, one of whom decided to reenact the infamous FHRITP video — using her as the target. As you’ll see, it doesn’t end there — Hunt confronts the hecklers on live television.

The vid caught the attention of many across the Internet, including the employer of Shawn Simoes, the man who lauded his friend’s lewd actions as “hilarious.” Simoes was (emphasis on the was) an engineer at Hydro One, a major electricity provider in Toronto, until his bosses caught wind of the clip.

There’s more: CBCNews reports that “The men [in the video] also face a one year-ban from all games of the soccer club and other teams owned by Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, which include the NHL Maple Leafs and NBA Toronto Raptors.”

Hunt took to Twitter to thank those who supported her:

While it’s certainly a victory for Hunt and female reporters alike, there’s a lot of progress to be made. But damn it feels good to see someone take a stand and totally shut it down.