This pic of chris distefano and carly aquilino holding hands will make you all mushy inside

You know your relationship’s solid when one of the planet’s most famous skylines looms in the distance, but passersby would rather photograph you and your girlfriend. Chris Distefano and Carly Aquilino are already a cross-“Code” match made in heaven, but the two, famous for their delightfully awkward travel snapshots and videos, really kicked things up a notch when Chris posted a photo of their twilight stroll on Twitter. Hear that? It’s the sound of your heart melting.

“Love this city. Love @carlyaquilino” Chris recently shared alongside the pic above. While Carly has admitted on many occasions that she is very much the jealous girlfriend, we imagine that sharing her man with The Big Apple is one concession she’s willing to make, at least as long as NYC doesn’t try to enter into a compliment war with her, too. And let’s hope Chris and Carly weren’t so lost in love land they accidentally strayed into the bike lane. Trust us (and our slight patella fracture): That’s a mistake you only make once.

Cheers to the couple that somehow makes PDA look cool.