This new competitor says the challenge is ‘horrendous’

The Challenge and MTV UK hit Geordie Shore both feature young, attractive folks living together — with makeouts, fighting, adventures outside of the house and more ensuing. But if you ask Kyle Christie, who showcased his adventures with fellow Newcastle natives for several years across the pond and is about to compete on The Challenge: Vendettas, the similarities just about end there.

The Challenge was much different than Geordie Shore,” Kyle recently told MTV News (a first look at the upcoming season can be seen above). “I thought I was going to come in and [it would] be like any other reality show I’ve ever done — just hook up with girls and drink as much as possible and have a good time. And then they started making us do all of these different challenges and I was like, ‘This is horrendous. This is so hard.'” Sounds like he’s really nostalgic for those nights at the pub…

But how, exactly, would Kyle describe The Challenge?

“The whole game is social,” he explains. “Yes, you can be the biggest, you can be the fastest, you can be the strongest. I wasn’t any of them, but I’m good socially. I’m good at talking to people; I’m good at getting people to like me. And I’ve also got the most heart out of anyone. I think that’s what it boils down to.”

How will Kyle fare on the battlefield in Spain? And will he make it far in the cutthroat environment? Don’t miss him — as well as the rest of the cast — every Tuesday on The Challenge: Vendettas premiering on Tuesday at 9e/6p! And watch the video below to learn more about him — and his vendetta.