This is not a drill! Check out sneak peek pics from the upcoming season finale of ‘degrassi’

Miles (Ep.1412)

Remember how the ‘Degrassiseason premiere back in October gave us a glimpse into the future? Sort of? Let us refresh…

The episode opened with dozens of students running through the halls of ‘Degrassi’ in an attempt to escape as the school filled with smoke. One minute we were watching Miles in a panic to find Frankie and the next it was back to the steps of Degrassi with the caption “10 weeks earlier”. Now we’ve debated whether or not the smoke was caused by a fire or maybe an explosion of some kind but given the episode title, ‘Firestarter’ Part 2, we’re going to guess it’s a fire.

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In the sneak peek pics from the upcoming finale we see familiar faces running through the crowded halls including Miles, Lola, Maya and Hunter, but we’re still missing one very important person; Frankie. Now that we know the Power Cheer competition is taking place, we can bet Frankie is inside that school somewhere on her mission to take Zoe down, which leads us to question—is Frankie capable of arson?

Tune in to the season finale of ‘Degrassi‘ on Tuesday, January 13 to find out what happens! In the meantime, check out the sneak peek pics below and tell us what you think will happen on the finale!

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