This is how ‘slednecks’ settle a disagreement

If you and a friend both had your sights set on a new apartment’s master bedroom, what would you do? Draw straws? Pick the top card off a deck?

Welp, settling matters goes a bit differently in Alaska.

On tonight’s “Slednecks” episode, pals Kelly and Dylan, whose previous living arrangements were less than desirable, finally settled on a new two-bedroom apartment. The good news? It had plenty of space. The bad news? They both wanted the big room.

And so, in true cold-blooded fashion, the guys arranged a game of “Alaskan Roulette” at a frozen-over lake, in which they’d slowly chip away at thin ice beneath each of their lawn seats. The loser who fell in, naturally, would be relegated to the new pad’s inferior bedroom, while he-who-managed-to-stay-dry would be deemed king of the castle and have the privilege of getting to poop with the door open in his own private bathroom. The luxury!

So who won? Was victory as sweet as it seemed? Were there any traces of hypothermia involved? Check out the clip, and be sure to catch a new “Slednecks” episode next Thursday at 10e/7p!