This is how kylie jenner reacted to an episode of teen mom

Teen Mom episodes can elicit all types of emotions — but for Kylie Jenner, the hit MTV program once made her sob.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet appears on the cover on this month’s Allure — and in an accompanying interview, she divulged that she is known to shed some sentimental tears. One example of needing a few Kleenex post-waterworks: When the 18-year-old happened to catch the long-running series during a sensitive scene.

“The girl was so emotional, it just made me cry,” Kylie explained to the magazine, while adding that the cast member was giving birth. While she didn’t elaborate which young parent she was watching, or if it was Teen Mom OG (which is returning on August 22) or Teen Mom 2, this aforementioned instalment obviously struck a chord with the makeup maven — who also hopes to have children of her own “one day.”