This beyonce/beck mashup should win album of the year

The battle over Beck vs. Bey has been raging this week, after Kanye insisted in a post-Grammy interview that the Morning Phase singer give his Grammy for Album of the Year to Yonce. At this juncture, however, it’s really time that this beef be squashed — and what better way to do that than with a mashup that displays the musical genius of both Bs… and makes us want to dance like maniacs in the process.

I give you: “Single Loser (Put a Beck on It),” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Check it:

The mashup, uploaded to SoundCloud by an artist named “Beckyoncé Knowles-Hansen,”merges Bey’s 2008 independent woman anthem, “Single Ladies,” with Beck’s breakthrough 1994 hit “Loser,” a song replete with nonsense words and phrases that my friends and I liked to scream on the bus in elementary school. Also, you know, one of the top tracks of the ’90s— and all time.

The songs go surprisingly well together, merging into a weird, haunting jam that could be either uplifting to those braving V’Day alone — or the soundtrack to an epic night of wanton bad decision-making. Get crazy with the cheeze whiz!

Post by MTV.