This 2014 mtv movie awards infographic will answer all your burning questions


This 2014 MTV Movie Awards Infographic Will Answer All Your Burning Questions

Craig Flaster,

Just who did scream the loudest out of all the Scared-As-S*** nominees? Jennifer Lawrence has dominated the MTV Movie Awards, but does she have the most wins ever? And what do all the #WTF Moments have in common?

All these questions and more are answered by our handy 2014 MTV Movie Awards By The Numbers infographic. In case you were afraid to ask, here’s everything from this year’s nominees box office numbers to the percentage of skin showed by the Best Shirtless Performance nominees.

Are you a “Mean Girls” fanatic? (Don’t answer, we know you are.) We’ll let you know how many wins the cast of “Mean Girls” has garnered over the years.

Love Chewbacca? You’ll be pleased to learn he’s only one of three fictional characters to win the Lifetime Achievement Award, and who the other two were.

Take a look at how this year’s nominees compare with this year’s Oscar nominees (you might be surprised at the overlap). And maybe most importantly, you can see who had the longest Best Kiss, though we admit that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

So check out the awesome infographic, and arm yourself with all the Movie Awards knowledge you can handle.

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