These ‘teen wolf’ enemies are now in cahoots and want you to join them

It’d take a particularly cold day in hell for “Teen Wolf“‘s Peter Hale and Chris Argent to unite for a common cause, but the actors behind the werewolf and werewolf-hunter, respectively, are officially in cahoots — and they couldn’t be happier about it.

Ian Bohen, who previously tapped co-star Holland Roden to star in his short film “Morning Love,” is looking to another fellow wolf-head — JR Bourne — to appear in his upcoming flick “The Tow.” Problem is, making movies is really, really (like, REALLY) expensive, so he’s calling on fans far and wide to throw a couple bucks his way to get the piece that he wrote and plans to direct off the ground.

“The Tow,” which Bohen notes is a complete three-act piece on his Kickstarter page, will follow a protagonist and an antagonist who “weed their way through a conflict” in a darkened alley in downtown Los Angeles. Bohen explains he can’t say much more of the story out of fear it’ll spoil the fun, but says in a video accompaniment that you can rest assured a donation will be worth it. “If we can get this made, you are going to want to watch this movie,” he insists.

(Oh, and there are some VERY ENTICING rewards if you need any further incentive — signed script, Skype call with Bohen or advanced screening tickle your fancy?)

Help Bohen get his idea off the ground if you’re able, and stay tuned to MTV News for more updates on “Teen Wolf” Season 5!