These photos of rob dyrdek and his future mrs. Prove he’s ‘ridiculous’-ly romantic

“Fearless” is just one word to describe the incomparable Rob Dyrdek — and in one short day, the “Ridiculousness” head honcho will take the ultimate, and extremely exciting, plunge: He’s getting married!

The notorious stuntman — who proposed to his ladylove Bryiana Noelle Flores in truly magical “Aladdin” fashion in April — is set to say “I do” in front of the couple’s nearest and dearest this weekend. And while that romantic display at Disneyland was a real-life fairy-tale (that elephant entrance?!), something tells us that the lovebirds’ special day will be an even bigger “fantasy.”

In honor of Rob and Bryiana, take a look at some super-sweet snapshots of the future Mr. and Mrs. Dyrdek — shared by the groom himself:

Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right

Relishing their new roles — with some handy dandy mugs

Throwing it back to their first date: a helicopter ride and spending time with rescue puppies

“Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale”

WCW…forever and ever

Best cake topper ever? YES.

Relishing a gorgeous sunset in Turks and Caicos — right after that epic proposal

Raring and ready for fight night

Looking rather happy at the Happiest Place on Earth

All sorts of cozy at Christmas

Nothing like a bit of family time

Just the two of us…

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