These celebrities are navigating their own ‘virgin territory’

Virginity is no longer that topic everyone wants to avoid. As MTV’s upcoming docu-series“Virgin Territory” will show you, more and more folks are opening up about their V-card status and the struggles that come with hanging on to it.

That includes celebrities (stars — they’re just like US!). But sometimes, an A-lister’s declaration of abstinence backfires. Remember Britney Spears? The Queen of Pop wasn’t that innocent. And let’s not even discuss the Jonas Brothers (RIP). On occasion, though, some stars can serve as inspiration to those navigating their own virgin territory, like these reportedly celibate celebs:



Jordin Sparks
The “American Idol” winner has been open about saving herself for marriage, even staunchly defending those who wear purity rings during the 2008 Video Music Awards. Jordin is now in a serious relationship with pop artist Jason Derulo, who is reportedly feeling the pressure to propose.


Chet Cannon
Coming from a strong Mormon background, Chet joined MTV’s “Real World: Brooklyn” in the hopes of convincing others that “Mormons are fun” despite abstaining from alcohol and premarital sex. He did just that and then some: Chet is now engaged to his adorable fiancé Danielle Paxton!


Julianne Hough
The actress and two-time “Dancing with the Stars” champion was also raised Mormon and once said, “I want to be with that special person. I think [the choice] to have sex before marriage is an individual one, but if you’re just with one person, it’s only for one good reason, and [waiting to have sex] will strengthen that relationship.” Julianne recently ended her three-year relationship with Ryan Seacrest, citing hectic schedules.


Tim Tebow
The former football quarterback for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets shot to fame in 2011 when his affinity for kneeling and praying on the field became a hit with his fans and was quickly dubbed “Tebowing.” Outspoken about his Christian beliefs, Tim has said he wants to wait until marriage before losing his virginity.

Be sure to catch the premiere of “Virgin Territory” on Wednesday, July 16 at 11e/8p!