These 17 posts from beyonce’s ‘whatispretty’ campaign will make your day

It’s been two weeks since Beyoncé launched her “WhatIsPretty?” digital campaign in conjunction with the debut of her “Pretty Hurts” video.

The effort — which asked fans to upload images and quotes that define what beauty means for them — has resulted in hundreds of pictures about the people and things that make us smile inside and out. From pictures of amazing sunsets, to pet snaps and inspirational quotes, the gallery has clearly hit the mark.

Here are 17 of our favorite posts from this week:

Me And Mom

“My #FBF is a pic of my mom & I. My mom is on the left and she was 21 and just had me in this picture. Wow she was so happy, her smile… saw this pic of my mom and thought wow 2 generations of #bighairdontcare… #mother #daughter #myblackisbeautiful.”

Hamster Nap

“I woke up like this… #hamster #sleep #beautiful.”

Sweet Angel

“#Esmé #baby #loveyou #myangel”

You Make Me Laugh

“the one who’s always here for me.”

Free To Be

“Parisian windows on a red light district budget #freedomisbsautiful.”

Flower Power

Baby Blues

One Love

Family Ties

“my beautiful mom. Just because a child didn’t come from inside your body doesn’t mean it’s not your just arrived somewhere else.”

Sang, Sang, Sang!

“SANG BABY!!! Styled and dressed by herself. Oh how I’ve missed my babies. Perfect way to wake up. Teehehe.”

Pretty Inside And Out

“For me pretty is being happy with yourself, inside and outside. Be confident and doing in life what makes you happy. Being a example for others and help people.”

Born This Way

“Pretty is to be happy with the body you were born in afterall if you were meant to have surgery you would have been born with fillers in our lips and botox in our cheeks. People need to wake up and realise they are beautiful and just because some bully has told them there not, that doesnt mean there isnt somebody else in love with your natural beauty. I have flaws, i hate my skin, i get bullied for my nose, i have lumps and bumps in all the WRONG places and i hate my facial structure but i would still never go under the knife to correct what my mum gave me because i know that somebody loves me for who i am. I was born this way. And i wont ever change that.”

Turn On Your Heart Light

Shadows In The Sand

“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the reflection of me and my boyfriend on the sand. Struggling together to achive something that for the world is unacceptable. And then, gazing at our own shadows we realize how happy we are for having each other. What is pretty? We are pretty! Love is pretty!”

Believe Me

“my love and light though she never believes me.”

No Boundaries

“Being able to use make up as self-expression that to me is #whatispretty #noboundaries.”


“#lesbian #lobeswag #tattoo #life.”