‘there’s your trouble’: what we learned from tonight’s episode of ‘degrassi’

Clare (Ep.1405)

It’s no secret Zoe Rivas is one Power Cheer Queen we wouldn’t want to mess with and when her team tried to turn against her on tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi‘ Rivas played them like puppets without them even knowing. But not all were saved… a rebellious Frankie was exposed for refusing to #OomfCHAT and was forced into a dramatic exit, tears and all.

Frankie wasn’t the only one with reason to shed a tear… a jealous and protective Eli punched Drew clear in the face without any remorse. He even accepted a job offer just seconds later. Guess he’s here to stay!

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Becky was a bit of a mess on tonight’s episode but we can’t blame her. Ever since her brother’s trial things haven’t been the same. Becky started a Power Cheer team in hopes of starting over but a broken ankle stuck her on the bench for the rest of the season. When her mom revealed that her brother wanted to see her and shared a letter he wrote to her from juvenile detention, Becky was quick to busy her schedule with band auditions. 


Jonah, the student running the band, told Becky she was awful and left her slightly hopeless. Later Jonah found the letter Becky’s brother wrote and returned it to her, but not before reading it first. Becky seemed ready to turn around and pretend like she’d never met Jonah but then he quoted the bible. 


After reading her brother’s letter herself, Becky decided she would listen to what he had to say but she wasn’t happy with what she heard. Luke told Becky he forgave her for helping put him in jail but Becky didn’t need his forgiveness. 


Becky apologized to Jonah for taking her anger out on him and he decided that she might actually have something special to contribute to his band. Guess it’s a good thing she’s no longer busy with Power Cheer. 


Speaking of Power Cheer…

Training was in full swing for Power Cheer but the team wasn’t looking too sharp. 


A frustrated Zoe took the girls on a little field trip to show them just what they were up against and they were up against the pros.


As if the team wasn’t already feeling down about their talents or lack thereof…


As captain of the team, Zoe took it upon herself to make sure the girls had everything they needed to train to their full potential. That meant spending their hard earned OomfCHAT money on new equipment. Only one problem—Zoe didn’t ask the girls if she could spend the money and they still needed more for bus rentals and competitions. Zoe responded by saying they could make more with more nudes but Frankie pointed out that continuing to OomfCHAT would increase the risk of getting caught.


Frustrated with the team’s decision to revolt, Zoe went to Grace to vent about Frankie’s attitude towards sending the Degrassi nudes only to discover, Frankie hadn’t been sending them at all. Zoe realized she would have to play nice if she was going to rule this squad but she would need to take Frankie down too.


Zoe returned the equipment and bought each girl a designer wallet, apology included, and it got her exactly what she wanted. Her power back.


The team felt bad and admired Zoe’s effort to make a mends but when they went to offer her a second chance, Zoe put Frankie on blast and outed her for not sending nudes like the rest of the girls and Queen Zoe left her no choice but to quit the team.


But enough about the girl drama… tonight the boys were getting into it too…

Eli is back and he wants nothing more than to make his relationship with Clare work. But when Eli stumbled upon what looked like a Clew flirt-fest he started to regret his decision to try at all.


Clare convinced Eli that she was just as serious about her future with Eli but when their date was interrupted by a worried Drew it became obvious how things were going to be moving forward. 

Clare explained to Eli that if he really wanted their relationship to work then he would have to accept that Drew would be in the picture too. But Eli did not accept that. At all.


Eli let his emotions take over and made sure Drew knew exactly how he felt about the entire situation. 

After taking his frustrations out on Drew’s face, Eli realized it wasn’t really Drew he was mad at–it was Clare. 


But don’t think this is the last you’ve seen of Eli… moments later he took a job at the Dot. Guess he’s here to stay! 


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