There’s an ‘awkward’ new member of team ‘todrick’

There’s a new member joining the “Todrick” gang this week: Jillian Rose Reed from MTV’s “Awkward“! That’s right, a fellow member from the Mondays on MTV squad.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode below, the quadruple threat invites the actress to take part in the video shoot for his first-ever duet “Wind It Up,” which features his friend and fellow former “American Idol” contestant Vonzell Solomon.

The plan is for Jillian to meet up with Todrick’s team at their first shooting location, a toy store. The concept for the project: The woman behind the peppy Tamara Kaplan will portray a zombie wind-up doll who seduces and transforms his character “Rick Tod” (ha!).

But, as JRR soon learns, it’s the usual time crunch for Todrick and company. “It’s shoot day at the toy shop, and we are not ready,” he worriedly states. “If Jillian Rose Reed walks in here and I’m still writing the script? Now that’s awkward.”

That’s not all: The crew realizes they’re having “technical issues” with the scene — they weren’t recording! BIG OOPS. Will Todrick’s team get it together in time to re-shoot the whole scene? Find out on “Todrick” this Monday at 10:30e/7:30p (new time!). And be sure to catch Jillian — and the rest of the Palos Hills gang — on “Awkward” at 9e/6p!