There’s a thin line between love and heartbreak in “washington heights” [video]

The close-knit “Washington Heights” group dynamic can be comforting one day, but completely smothering the next, and that all-or-nothing mindset underscores this new supertease of upcoming episodes, which points to many tests of love, loyalty and dedication.

“We’re talented, and we’re ambitious, and we’re young, and, like, we can do this!” an inspired Frankie booms at the start of the super-sized sneak peek. But in spite of their talents, the wide-eyed confidence she and her friends radiate will no doubt be tested. Whether it’s Eliza’s future as a stylist or Jimmy’s big baseball dreams, they’ll all learn the path to success is littered with roadblocks. “I just keep hoping that, like, everything that we’re doing just pays off,” Ludwin says.

Will their hustle and hope for a bright future be enough to bypass all the BS it takes to get to the top? Watch the video and tune in to an all-new episode Wednesday night at 10e/p to continue along their journey.