The tip-top of manhattan is one big family, mtv’s ‘heights’ cast says [video]

Asking a neighbor for a cup of sugar wasn’t just a mainstay of Beaver Cleaver’s ‘hood in the 1950s–in "Washington Heights," a close-knit community is the way of life. In the video below, the cast of the upcoming show speaks to just how pervasive the family feel is in their New York City neighborhood. It’s not perfect, though–they also say "The Heights" has some downsides, but they can’t imagine ever leaving the place that shaped who they are.

"It’s almost like people were just raised to show love," Rico says of the largely Dominican area, which stands at the tippy-top of Manhattan. Jimmy adds that anytime he goes to a friend’s house, he’s welcomed inside like a son or brother. To Reyna, that family vibe is everything–which is why, even if she ends up mega-rich, she’ll never leave her beloved home. "If I was to…win the lottery, I would just still be in The Heights," she says. That’s quite the endorsement!

Check out the clip, and be sure to tune in for the "Washington Heights" premiere on Wednesday, January 9 at 10/9c!