The teen mom 3 cast members speak candidly about feeling judged [video]

It’s part of SuChin Pak’s job as MTV’s “Teen Mom 3: A Closer Look” host to keep the conversation flowing, but on last night’s show, she was rendered almost speechless by a candid conversation that took place between the “TM3” cast members. The four young women spoke openly about how the teen mom stigma has affected their self-esteem, as well as their parenting, and it cast a new light on their struggles.

“You’re shy about being a parent to your child in public,” Katie tells SuChin, who’s also a new mom, in the clip below about being constantly sized up by older parents. Alex agrees, explaining that even doing something as simple as going to the movies can be difficult because she’s afraid it’ll invite stares. “You can’t really enjoy being a mother when you’re young,” Briana adds, to which Mackenzie shares the discomfort she feels when strangers assume her child is her brother. “I gave birth to that,” she says.

Check out the scene to hear more of the girls’ reactions to being judged, and don’t miss “Teen Mom 3” Mondays at 10e/7p.