The surprising benefits of performing at a strip club’s amateur night

Girl Code“‘s Shalyah Evans once said strip clubs are the place where dreams go to die, but on Tuesday night’s “Awkward” episode, Palos Hills’ grimiest clothes-off bar birthed a budding friendship.

After going toe-to-toe over who should lead the PHHS cheer squad in Lissa’s absence, Sadie and Tamara, who blend as well as peanut butter and power drills, were forced to band together to get Matty to the surprise birthday party his new girlfriend Gabby had planned for him. Bu the new 18-year-old and Jake had begun celebrations early at a strip club and weren’t responding to Gabby’s fellow party planners.

And so, the adventures of Sadara began.

After trekking to the airport-adjacent gentlemen’s lounge, the ladies were hit with a crushing roadblock — they were too young to enter as patrons (unlike Matty, each was still 17). But, unwilling to admit defeat, Sadie and Tamara sneaked into the holding room for amateur performers and eventually accepted a bid to entertain.

Understandably, things started out shakily on stage. But after a few beats, the cheerleaders were finally able to come together and, with a common goal, managed to string together a decent routine and get Matty out in the process. Plus, we — like the creepy locals who occupied each corner booth — were treated to this Julliard-worthy choreography:

Though Matty knew what awaited him at Gabby’s, he was still shocked by the party’s turnout. Even more unexpected, though, was the fact that T and Sadie had developed into war buddies since the end of the school day. Only hours before, they were literally ripping each other’s hair out (and let’s not forget they have a history of mutual loathing…), but suddenly, they shared smiles, laughs and those dance moves we’ll never forget.

You heard it here first, folks: Strip clubs heal.

Relive Sadara’s big day in the videos above, tell us if you think the ladies have finally become friends and catch the next “Awkward” episode Tuesday night at 10e/7p!