The most intense ‘teen mom’ reunion moments ever

The “Teen Mom 3: Finale Special” almost escalated into a shoe-throwing fiasco (a first for Dr. Drew’s stage), but Devoin’s explosive fight with the Dejesus family is not the first time we’ve been perched on the edge of our seats watching the emotional roller coaster ride that comes with these tense reunions.

Dr. Drew, always armed with Kleenex and pressing questions, and the ladies of “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2” paved the way for the heated moments and jaw-dropping confessions we saw last night. From floods of tears to stage storm-offs, we’ve truly witnessed it all over the seasons, and aside from those cute li’l tykes crawling around the stage at the close of each show, we never know what we’re going to get when everyone comes together again. Check out 8 intense moments from past reunions, and let us know which one sticks out in your memory the most!

Barbara tells Jenelle she’s unlovable.
Barbara and Jenelle have had a tumultuous relationship, to say the least, but when Barb couldn’t name three positive traits about her daughter, as directed by Dr. Drew, it shocked the “Teen Mom 2” reunion audience. And even though Drew tried to soften the blow by offering up “lovable” as an example, Barb flat out said no, leading to a tearful argument about respect.

Kailyn and Vee square off
It was bound to happen eventually. After a full season of Kailyn avoiding Jo’s new girlfriend, Vee, Dr. Drew got the ladies in the same room at the same time. As much as Dr. Drew urged the two to have an open dialogue, the mediation went south the minute Vee tried to call Kailyn out. Or, perhaps it went east, considering that’s the direction in which Kailyn stormed off the stage while screaming “f**k this!”

Corey can’t forgive Leah for cheating.
Despite the fact that their divorce unraveled around a truck purchase, the destructive seed was planted when Corey found out that Leah had slept with someone else the week before their wedding. Corey claimed that no amount of counseling would have helped, and despite Leah’s tearful apologies, he insisted the couple was too far gone to ever reconcile.

Maci and Dalis go toe-to-toe over texting drama.
Ryan’s girlfriend, Dalis, and Maci are both pretty calm people, all things considered, but they both went a little haywire when Dalis brought up a case of texting “he said, she said.” While Maci maintained that Ryan was trying to hit her up for a romantic reunion because he and Dalis were fighting, Dalis refused to believe her, and ultimately stuck by Ryan’s claim that he never initiated any sort of contact.

Chelsea gets caught in the Randy/Adam crossfire.
It’s hard enough when a parent doesn’t like your teen boyfriend, but when said boyfriend becomes the baby daddy, its a recipe for disaster. Chelsea’s on-again-off-again relationship with Adam had her dad worried and frustrated, calling it a “sugar-coated version of a train wreck.” When Adam tried to defend himself, Randy fired back with examples of his immaturity, and Chelsea started to cry over being stuck in the middle of their feud.

Andrew “doesn’t care” he hit Jenelle.
Once Andrew found out he was Jace’s father, he claimed to want to be a part of his son’s life, but Jenelle wasn’t letting him in. Jenelle had a very simple explanation for this, citing his abusive history and substance abuse, and Andrew, getting fired up, said he didn’t care about his past violent tendencies with Jenelle. Oh, and then he lied about being sober to Dr. Drew’s face. Not the best way to get in the mother of your child’s good graces…

Farrah opens up about Derek’s death.
Though Derek, the father of Farrah’s daughter, died tragically in a car accident a few months before Sophia was born, it took a while before Farrah was able to open up about it publicly. When she discussed it with Dr. Drew for the first time, she broke down at the thought of her child never getting to meet her father.

Jenelle goes into harrowing detail about her heroin use.
On Season 4 of “Teen Mom 2,” Jenelle battled an addiction to heroin after rekindling her relationship with Kieffer. During the reunion, a newly clean Jenelle went into the painful specifics surrounding her decision to use the drug, as well as what eventually led her to seek out her estranged mother’s help.