The most extreme moments of the ‘slednecks’ premiere

The raucous buzz of big city life appeals to some, but for others, there’s nothing quite like living life as a straight-up Sledneck.

MTV’s newest show, which centers on a group of friends who live in a small Alaskan town, has promised some extreme behavior in the nation’s northernmost state, and on tonight’s series premiere, it definitely delivered. Between doing shots of caribou blood, partying on a glacier, using an outhouse and more, the Slednecks made it clear the lower 48 states live a little bit differently, and we were left wondering if we missed our calling as members of the whale blubber-consuming group.

From start to finish, the show’s first episode was a cold-blooded adrenaline rush, but which extreme act kept you on the edge of your seat? Look back at the wildest things these guys did tonight, and take our poll to tell us which was most insane!

Using an outhouse:


Photo: MTV

Creating their own wind tunnel:


Photo: MTV

Partying on a glacier:


Photo: MTV

Eating a slice of whale blubber:


Photo: MTV

Doing a shot of caribou blood:


Photo: MTV

Wakeboarding in frigid temps:


Photo: MTV

Taking the dreaded Polar Plunge: