The most criminally underrated hotties of 2013

Nothing gets the masses a-frothin’ like a fight over which celebrity male is the cream of the Hollywood crop. First, somebody declared Adam Levine the sexiest man alive. Then, someone else was all, “Nope! Nuh-uh!” and declared the voting re-opened. And finally, it was resolved that the title should go to Tom Hiddleston!

But we couldn’t help sparing a thought for all the guys who not only weren’t named Sexiest Man Alive, but whose very existence is so under-the-radar that nobody even threw their names into the ring to begin with. So with warmest congrats to the Hemsworths, the Timberlakes, the Fassbenders, and yes, the Hiddlestons, we’re going to switch it up now with a list of the most criminally unappreciated hotties of 2013.

Collins Pennie
Pennie appeared in a “Revenge” guest spot just long enough for us to leap out of our chairs and run flailing at the television in a hysterical lust-induced fugue state… And then vanished back into obscurity before we could ask him where he had been all our lives. Still, his hotness lingers on.

Steven Yeun
Forget weepy Rick, or greasy Daryl, or hammer-happy Tyreese. We just want a few quality minutes of alone time with Glenn in the guard tower, mmmkay?

Douglas Booth
Despite playing the titular role in “Romeo & Juliet,” and despite being blessed with the world’s most magnetically sensual mouth, Booth still doesn’t set off a Hottie Alarm every time he goes out in public. Everyone, check the batteries in your Hottie Alarm and report back to us.