The looks on these faces sum up the ‘faking it’ season premiere

While most of those who attended the Raudenfeld-Cooper wedding left with precious memories and maybe a floral centerpiece, Amy, Karma and their pals said so long to the celebration with only shame to take home.

On the “Faking It” Season 2 premiere, which caught up with the characters the morning after the nuptials, anxiety loomed as secrets bubbled to the surface. Liam and Amy, who hooked up out of spite for Karma, struggled to keep their cool while the guilt of their mistake ballooned, Lauren was suddenly forced to make a rather shocking admission, and Shane…well, he was just happy to act as audience to it all. Anyone have a knife to cut through all the tension?

Each character had a different cross to bear, but the discomfort for this Hester High Crowd was pretty universal. See all the shame-faces from the episode, and stay tuned for the next on Tuesday night at 10:30e/7:30p!