‘the kids aren’t alright’ part 1: what we learned from tonight’s degrassi


Zig, Becky and Frankie experienced some serious reality checks on tonight’s episode of Degrassi. Zig started to feel like he’d never be safe, Becky discovered Jonah had been lying to her, and Frankie came to terms with the fact that she might never be able to trust Winston again.

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Who are you?

Becky felt out of luck after getting stuck with Drew as a partner volunteering at the hospital. Ever since their break-up, Drew has been referring to Jonah as ‘Guy-Liner’, and is insisting something is off about him. Somewhere between arguing about Jonah, and making assumptions about a gun-shot victim, Becky and Drew woke the patient and were asked to leave.


It turned out the patient was Damon—the same Degrassi student that stabbed Tiny after he tried to stop a fight between him and Zig. 
The next day, Becky noticed a large chunk of cash missing from her wallet, and automatically assumed it was Damon since she’d forgotten her purse in his room. 

When Becky went back to the hospital to accuse him, Damon pointed out the fact that he couldn’t have taken the cash, even if he wanted to, since he’d been shot in the leg and couldn’t move. 


Becky felt terrible for accusing Damon, but still couldn’t understand who else could have taken the money, since her purse had been with her at all times, except when she was at the hospital. The only other person she’d been with was Jonah. 

When Becky saw Jonah getting roughed up by a couple of guys in the hall at school, she started to consider Drew’s opinion of Jonah. Then she saw Jonah hand them the exact amount of cash she had lost. 

Becky realized Jonah wasn’t who he said he was, just in time for Drew to apologize for the things he’d said about him. degrassi-1314-1142

What are we going to do?

Zig was getting ready for rehearsals when Grace confronted him about Damon being shot. Zig knew about the shooting, but had no idea it was Damon that Tiny’s brother went after the night before.


When Zig went to ask Tiny what he knew about the shooting, Tiny explained that his brother Vince went to see Damon to scare him out of coming after Tiny again. He insisted that he didn’t know anything about his brother having a gun, and made Zig promise not to say anything to anyone about it. degrassi-1314-1110 degrassi-1314-1111


Zig went to Maya to explain what had happened and asked her to be his alibi if anyone asked where he was the night before. degrassi-1314-1122 A detective showed up at the school looking to talk to Zig, but he kept his mouth shut, and told them he didn’t know a thing about the shooting.  

Vince felt uncomfortable with Zig talking to the police, even though he didn’t tell them anything. To calm his nerves about Zig being a potential snitch, Vince sent Zig to collect a debt on his behalf.

degrassi-1314-1134The debt was for a drug purchase Jonah had made months earlier and never paid. This time, Jonah was able to pay, and he paid with the money he took for Becky. 

Zig thought he was finally in the clear, until Tiny showed him threats that had been popping up online. Zig, Tiny and Vince weren’t the only ones being threatened, Maya’s name was showing up too. That was enough to set Zig off, and he decided it was time to fight back. degrassi-1314-1147

Once a cheater, always a cheater?

Frankie and Winston were finally getting along again, at least enough to make their way through rehearsals.


Just as they were about to kiss, Imogen wrapped production for the day. After rehearsals, Winston ant-acids because he remembered she needed them when she was nervous. The gesture had Frankie questioning if she still had feelings for him.


When Frankie told Shay about it, Shay wasn’t having any of it. She reminded Frankie that Winston had cheated on her, and that she made her promise to never let her forgive him.degrassi-1314-1124

At that moment, Lola walked in, and there it was. The face Winston had kissed when he should have been kissing Frankie’s. degrassi-1314-1125 Frankie came up with a plan to test Winston’s loyalty. She asked Lola to try kissing him again as a way of finding out if she could still trust him. degrassi-1314-1126


Watching them together was more than Frankie could take. degrassi-1314-1132Before anything could happen, Frankie interrupted them and Winston called her out for setting them up. 

Winston tried to play down the original kiss and told Frankie she was acting crazy. He pushed Frankie passed her limits and in the heat of the moment, Frankie quit the musical.

Without Frankie to play the lead, Imogen had no choice but to pull Zoe in for the role after convincing Principal Pill it was the only way the show could go on. But even with Zoe’s help, it sounds like Pill is planning to close the curtains anyway.  degrassi-1314-1149