The ‘free agents’ trivia challenge’s best reaction sneers – as gifs!

Typically, when competitors leave any “Challenge” battlefield, puddles of blood, sweat and even tears line their tracks, but on last Thursday’s episode, TJ tasked the cast with giving their bodies a break and using their minds instead. “Smarty Pants” found the game’s players responding to trivia questions to the best of their abilities, but if they answered any two incorrectly, they’d plummet down into the water below.

Zach and Devyn swept up the competition, staying dry due to their talents for retaining mainly useless information, but their opponents didn’t fare as well. And, to add insult to injury, most wrong answers earned some major eye-rolls and catty remarks from the peanut gallery (from the safety and privacy of post-game interviews, for the most part). No slack to be cut with this crowd!

See some solid sneers from Cohutta, Leroy and more, and tune in to the next “Free Agents” episode Thursday night at 10e/7p!

Muhammad Ali’s real name? It’s not Mahatma Gandhi, Cara Maria.

Bananas suggests that most Australians speak Dutch, and even TJ can’t resist a dig.

Leroy’s not gonna let Johnny forget his Australia error, either.

Swift even got in on the Bananas-bashing.

Twelve stripes on the American flag? Not the case, CT. Preston‘s NOT impressed.

Next on Cohutta’s target list: Leroy.