The five least regretful ‘catfish’ nev and max have reeled in


Alicia? Sorry? You must not have met her.

For the most part, when “Catfish” are caught, they come clean, and their guilt drives them to apologize for scamming Internet users who are searching for love. Every so often, though, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph stumble upon online deceivers who are so committed to their games, they can’t see through the fog of their double-dealing. Instead of saying sorry, they laugh or poke fun at those they’ve manipulated, and it’s in those moments of emotional indifference that we’re dealt chills FOR REAL.

From the moment a young woman named Rose told Nev and Max “It doesn’t bother me that much, I don’t know why everyone’s making a big deal about it” after scamming her friend, Joe, we were given a cold dose of reality — not all “Catfish” regret their behavior. Alicia and Mhissy both laughed in the faces of those they’d duped, female hip-hop artist Dee Pimpen continued to try to woo Keyonnah, who wasn’t gay, and Justin, who was determined to call out Artis as a cheater, infamously gave his victim a round of applause before aggressively getting in his face. No tears shed by these virtual puppeteers…

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Rose didn’t display a shred of guilt.


Mhissy’s menacing smile rivaled The Joker’s.


Not only was Justin ruthless, he was almost violent with Artis.


Dee Pimpen wasn’t harsh when she outed herself, but she certainly wasn’t sorry.