The classic iggy azalea gibberish vine is back – now with sarah palin gibberish dubbed over it

My personal Iggy Azalea-related 2015 highlight came when, in March, an old clip of her rapping what appeared to be a stew of word jumble nonsense found its way onto Vine and into our hearts. Yes, in fact, she was rapping her 2012 track “D.R.U.G.S.” (supposedly), but that didn’t matter — once you heard the gibberish, there was no going back.

That footage has found its proper home in the Vine Hall of Fame, but now a new version of it exists, and it’s nearly as gloriously unintelligible. The latest iteration takes a very curious (fine — hilariously and frighteningly asinine) piece of Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech for Donald Trump, delivered on Tuesday, and gives it the Iggy Treatment that all incomprehensible things truly deserve.

Enjoy (or cry).

And, the original, one more time, for old time’s sake.